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Elgin 60123


How do I become a customer?

We are a wholesale company. Call us at 847-931-9972, we can walk you through the process of becoming a customer. You will need a resale tax certificate or a tax exempt certificate, it is that easy.

Do you sell to the public?

No. You must have a valid resale certificate or tax exempt certificate in order to purchase.

Do you charge sales tax?

No, we do not charge sales tax when you supply an applicable resale tax certificate

Can I order direct from your site?

If you are a current customer and would like to register to order from our Holland 24-7 Shop, call us at 847-931-9972 and we will supply you with a log in and password for convenient 24-7 online access. This is for Holland product only, we do not currently offer any other online ordering options.

How do I get your daily and weekly specials sheets?

When you sign up as a customer we will get your email address and/or a fax number to send you our specials and offers.

How do I place my first order?

Call us! 847-931-9972. We will gladly take your order over the phone. You are also always welcome to pop into our coolers during regular business hours for onsite shopping. Before you stop in, you must be in our system as a current customer, or bring your resale tax certificate and business license with you.

Do I need to preorder my flowers?

We can fill most same-day and same-week orders, but advanced ordering guarantees you will receive the items you need in the freshest condition. If you are looking for a specific variety or specialty item, we always suggest a two-week lead time.

Can I get a repeat weekly order?

Absolutely! Setting up a repeat weekly order is easy and a convenient way to ensure you get the products you are looking for every week, bi-weekly, or monthly at the best possible price and freshness level. Most items will change seasonally to offer you the right colors for the season as well as everyday colors. Call us today at 847-931-9972 to set up your repeat weekly order.

Is shipping included?

All shipping or freight costs for our cold chain delivery services are included in the price of your product. There are charges associated with delivery to your store and will be added to your final invoice. You can avoid any shipping fees if you want to pick up your product at our Elgin location.

How do you get your flowers?

We receive flowers from around the world airlines when necessary, but primarily using refrigerated trucks, Our cold-chain logistics make sure all of our flowers are in peak condition when they arrive at your business.

Can you ship elsewhere?

We can ship your delivery wherever you would like it shipped. Call us at 847-931-9972 for pricing.

What is your credit or return policy?

Returns or credit requests should be made within 24 hours of receiving your product. Please call us at 847-931-9972 and be as descriptive as possible about the problem or damage. Photographic support is an added help. If you are not happy with your order, then we are not happy with your order. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We will do whatever is in our power to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the products we deliver.

What are your payment terms?

Most FIX customers pay upon delivery with cash or check. Credit card payments need to be set up in advance. We can provide Net 30 status to any customer upon approval of a FIX credit application. Call 847-931-9972 for our credit application.

When will you charge my credit card?

If you are using a credit card to purchase FIX products, the card will be charged the day your order is shipped

Do I have to buy full cases?

Absolutely not! Our team will work to maximize efficiency when packing your floral orders. If you order mixed flowers, they will be packed in as few boxes as possible, without risking the degradation of any product. Do you have specific packing instructions? Just let us know and we will do anything we can to accommodate your wishes. 

What is the 24-7 Holland Web Shop?

On our 24-7 Holland Web Shop, you can order fresh cut flowers from the heart of the flower world: The Netherlands. We have partnered with Holex so you can shop where the flowers grow any time, day or night. 

Click here to visit our 24-7 Holland Web Shop

Through a combination of personal service, knowledge and expertise from the Holex buyers, logistics and production staff, they present themselves as the best partner for us as your floral wholesaler. Holex is located at the FloraHolland flower auction at Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. They are the leader in export of fresh flowers from holland.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced partner that delivers service and quality at the right price, then look no further. Our partnership with Holex is a benefit for any FIX customer.

Want to sign up for our 24-7 Holland Web Shop? Click Here.